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1 Aug

5 ways to make your curly hair grow faster


One year ago I chopped my curly hair short. But it wasn’t long before I started to long for long hair. I am sure anyone with curly hair knows it takes a long (no, but seriously: loooooooong) time to grow long healthy curls. Because of shrinkage curly hair seems shorter than it actually is, your curls can shrink up to 80%! So, guess what: I came up with 5 ways to make your curly hair grow faster!

1.  Avoid heath
Flat ironing your hair or blow drying your hair using heat is very unhealthy for your curls. It makes your curls dry, transformes the shape of your curls and worst of all gives it split ends. Often the issue isn’t the hair growth from the scalp that makes the length difficult to achieve, but preventing breakage from the ends. Eliminate the heat and you eliminate 50% of the reason why your hair isn’t growing like it should be.

2.  Trim your split ends
A lot of people think that you can get long curly hair by not cutting it. Unfortunately I have to tell you that isn’t true. Also you shouldn’t listen to adverts that say their shampoos, conditioners or hair treatments can fix split ends because nothing can fix split ends. When you have split ends you need to cut them otherwise your hair will just break, therefore it will not grow. Trim them off!

3.  Keep your hair moisturized
It is important to moisturize your hair. This maintains supple hair that is less likely to split.

4.  Use wide tooth combs or finger detangle your curls.
You should never brush your curly hair! Brushes and curls do not go together. Brushing your hair not only causes frizz, but it creates breakage and loses it’s curly definition over time. That’s why you should only finger comb your hair or use a wide tooth comb. When you are combing through your hair, do make sure that it’s wet as this will help to prevent breakage.

5.  Use protective hairstyles
When you wear your ends tucked away, your hair is in a protective style. This is important because your ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the strand. Frequent and regular washing, conditioning, styling, and detangling requires constant tugging on your hair, making it weaker than the last time. As a result, it’s normal to experience some hair fall each time you touch your hair. Examples of protective hairstyles are braids, twists and updo’s.