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7 May

Review: Curlsmith Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum


Helloooo curly girls, how are you and your beautiful curls doing? Mine not too well to be honest. I just colored my curly hair and because of it my hair got pretty untamable. It just really needs that extra spark of love and moisture right now. Luckily this new curly hair brand came at just the right time in my life: Curlsmith.

Curlsmith is a haircare brand especially made for curly hair. It blends fresh curl-loving foods with kitchen cupboard staples and rare organic ingredients to make premium products. The brand is all about embracing and sharing curl-love across the globe. It celebrates curls in all shapes and sizes and I absolutely  l o v e  i t !


curlsmith oil serum

Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum
I am sooooo excited to try out Curlsmiths products. In this article I am going to review the Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum, which is especially great for damaged curls, thumbs up :). The consistency of the oil serum is similar to pure coconut oil, but it turns into oil really easily when you warm it in between your hands. I wasn’t sure if it was a conditioner or a styler at first, but it turns out you can use it in many different ways; as a deep conditioner, to style your curls, to lock in moisture and more.

Clean ingredients 
When I first opened the bottle I was shook, the scent of the oil serum is a-ma-zing. It smells very sweet and natural, simply delicious. Curlsmith only uses clean ingredients which I absolutely love about this brand because I believe that natural products are the best way to achieve healthy and beautiful looking curls. It uses no Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, DEA’s whatsoever, also the brand is vegan and cruelty-free.


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The results

After I got out of the shower I applied my usual products and to finish it off I used the oil serum to lock the products and moisture into my hair. The results were great! It brought back shine and softness into my hair, which I hadn’t seen much since I colored it.  My hair was less frizzy and I got a lot of compliments on my hair that day after using the oil serum. Not only people noticed the scent (which is just out of this world), but also the shine that was brought back into my hair. Conclusion: Damn this product is a true life saver if your curls need some extra love.  The smell, the ingredients, the consistency, everything is just perfect.  And it is definitely worth spending your money on.